Bishop.Dr. M.PRAKASH


State Minorities Commission

Member: State Police Board

Member: Jerusalem Committee

Government of Tamil Nadu

Founder Bishop/ Moderator

Synod of The Indepentent Churches of India

Bishop Prakash was born from a non-Christian family he was saved when he was 16years old he was baptised and filled by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. From the age of 16 he dedicated himself as a SOULWINNER reaching the villages by foot for many miles and testifying the Lord and witnessing on the road sides, preaching in the open air meetings and healing the sick, demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit. In 1975 he had a Vision and burden to start a mission movement and started The South Indian Soul winners Association conducted the Holy Ghost Revival camps every year so that thousands of people got saved and filled by the Holy Spirit and dedicated them for the Gospel Evangelism Ministry.
From 1985, there was a small mission school started and training mjv.,mnbv0any young people to go to the mission fields to work as missionaries and planting churches. Bishop Prakash planted many hundreds of churches in various states and started supporting missionaries. After few years when the churches grown they became independent and self-supported. He had a burden about Andaman Islands and planted churches and still the churches are blessed with many Souls.
God gave him a burden to start a Bible School and started SOULWINNERS BIBLE SEMINARY more than 1600 young people were graduated to level and ordained as Pastors.
Bishop Prakash has a burden to unite the Independent churches and pastors UNDER ONE UMBRELLA so he founded a movement called SYNOD OF THE INDEPENDENT CHURCHES OF INDIA and he took over the Founder Bishop of the Synod. More than 3000 Pastors are joined in this movement to work with a vision. This movement will teach, educate, and protect the Independent Churches and pastors.
Bishop Prakash got married and got 3 children's two grandchildren's. Bishop Prakash wife name is Esther Prakash son SOULWINNER daughter in law is LUCY FELCIA and daughter name is shirly and SHARON and son in law name is Rajanikandh and grandchildren name is Joseph and Olivia.
Bishop Prakash is also pastoring a church in Chennai where there are more than 1000 people from the slum area worshipping.
Bishop Prakash got a burden about the Dalit people and slum people so he started a building prospect for the SLUM DALIT COMMUNITY the neglected, unreached people he named it as COMMUNITY CENTER to help the SLUM PEOPLE DALIT PEOPLE .
This community centre is under construction and looking God for Financial support from various people and organisations.
Bishop Prakash is helping many slum children's education and also for the old age senior citizens. Bishop Prakash got networking and good friends across the globe.
Apostle Robert Munien from South Africa Bishop Michael Lazarus from South Africa Apostle Romero from Netherlands Apostle John Ezekiel from Malaysia Apostle Daniel Veloo from Malaysia Apostle Wee Tiong Howe from Singapore Sister Diane Bryant for America Sister Sharon Phifer from America and many more.
Bishop Prakash has hosted many meetings and one among them is Eva Reinhard Bonkee meetings in India. He is also a co-ordinator for Dr Paul cho the world famous Korean Pasto and hosted his meetings in India.
Bishop Prakash was also a National Director for TBN (TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK) for India for few years and also for the he Moderator for AFM-INDIA
SISWA MISSION has got churches in various states like Maharashtra , Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Nepal border and even in Andaman Islands.
There is a television programme once in a week that telecasted through TAMILAN TV on every Monday morning at 6:15 am and a newsletter in TAMIL that is reaching 40,000 homes every month.
After seeing the Charity work of Bishop Prakash the Government of Tamilnadu has appointed him as the Chairman of the State Minorities Commission with a Cabinet Minsters rank. Two times the Government of Tamilnadu selected him to be the Chairperson of the State Minorities Commission and also the member of the Tamilnadu Police Board .